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Re: GGZ (was:Is this list still alive?)

>The more difficult task is to manage world-wide valid highscores. I don't 
>have an idea about how to solve this with open source clients, 

I once played on a ladder, where the loser had to report the game to the
ladder website. Then if the winner had a lower ranking N (say N = 1000) than
the loser (say rank M = 500), then his ranking would get updated to (N +
M)/2 or he would rise to rank 750 in our example. This works very well. If
the loser does not report, the winner can complain, and people who often do
not report get sanctioned. But since the loser does not go down in rank
himself, the system works very well, with faithful reporting going on.

So do I understand GGZ right, it will possible to launch networked games
(like, Loki could use it for launching Myth 4 multiplayer games??)?

Peter Henningsen

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