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Re: GGZ (was:Is this list still alive?)

On Fri 12 Jan 2001 11:41 Christian Reiniger wrote:
> If you mean games-you-play-in-a-browser that wouldn't be too hard to
> implement. But for "normal" native-executables-sitting-on-your-hdd I
> don't think that's possible. It would mean letting the webserver or
> browser execute arbitrary code on your system...

I was not talking about games which are processed in the web server (written 
in PHP or Perl), but native games which are only invoked by clicking a link. 
It's just like as if you view a text file in the internal (embedded) viewer 
of Konqueror. The game itself runs of course independent of that, I see the 
profit in it by transmitting only the connection data, like 
player:pass@server:port. It's intended to simplify the connection process. 
The more difficult task is to manage world-wide valid highscores. I don't 
have an idea about how to solve this with open source clients, but there is 
probably a way using CGI methods.

Josef Spillner

The MindX Project - http://mindx.sourceforge.net
student - js177634@inf.tu-dresden.de
qmail - foomail@internet24.de

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