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Re: Is this list still alive?

What you have described there is the algorithm for generating fractal plasma
(there are 2 types of plasma effects, fractal and sine/cosine)

As regards o the hex-map thing, why not take the average height of a set of
points in the generated map, and use those as the height of your hexagon?
This probably isn't the best method of doing it, but it is a quick and nasty

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> One way, which is quite common, is to use "fractals" to generate the
> height curves for a map. Well fractals are just plain wrong here, plain
> recursion is what it really is. Just randomize heights for the corners of
> a map, subdivied the map into four equal rects and randomize the heights
> of the corners of this submap too. Continue recursion until the submap is
> a 1x1 tile. If you want water define the height for a "watermark". All
> land above this mark is land, below is water. This algorithm can be nicely
> tuned for all kinds of effects, and is very suitable for 3D-landscapes. A
> future version of our game Civil will use full 3D landscapes. Currently we
> use hexbased landscapes, and I haven't figured out how to nicely map these
> kinds of generated landscapes to that format.

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