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Re: Is this list still alive?

On Friday 12 January 2001 14:48, The Corruptor wrote:

(I actually have to quote most of it)

> artists from joining projects. For one OS project support is  geared
> towards programmers. I can only think of a few places or tools that
> aren't: LGDC-Artists list, Linux GFX and a few others (not pretending
> to provide a full list here). This annoys me greatly.
> Does Advogato supply anything for Artists? Not really, you can list
> your projects and set yourself down as a 'developer' (which, although
> semantically correct isn't that attractive to the 'Artist'! ;-). I'd
> much rather have myself listed as a 'Lead Artist' for project Civil.
> Take Sourceforge. It offers a great deal of useful, free functionality
> for /programmers/, but there's very little point me using bug-lists for
> stray pixels. It's very hard for an artist to stand out from the
> programmers in the OS scene when the majority of people setup, support
> and provide tools for programmers.


> Artists are egotistical. They want to be recognised as artists. Some of
> us can even program! However, most of us use Mac, Windows, Unix and
> even the Amiga (speaking personally) to produce the best work we can,
> for free, just like you. It would help encourage other artists to get
> involved,  if those of us active didn't feel like the dirty men of OS
> development.

Hmmm. Can you be a bit more specific? 
You want that Advogato adds "artist" categories and/or that a similar 
site (but focused on artists) comes up?

And you mentioned Sourceforge.
How would a SF-for-artists have to look/be like?
Or rather: What functionality would have to be added to SF to help 

Hmm, I find it difficult to formulate exact questions here - I mean, I 
know quite well what coders need/want in terms of infrastructure etc, but 
for artists my understanding is quite limited.

Hmm, a thought that just came to my mind: What about some "game art of 
the week" site reviewing levels, models, ... ?

> One thing that would be nice is if something like Blitz Basic came out
> for Linux (Is there one already?) It's been ported from the Amiga to

Hmm, what's Blitz Basic? What are its strengths and why would you use it 
over, say, Python?

Christian Reiniger
LGDC Webmaster (http://sunsite.dk/lgdc/)

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