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Re: Is this list still alive?

> I think the programmers are up to snuff for creating 'commercial quality'
> games, but I think we're lacking on the artist front. This has been
> before :)

Time to throw my 2p in here as I didn't really get involved in the 'Artist
discussion' last time around. I was too busy being encouraged to join a
project! ;-)

As an artist keen (and working for) the OS gaming scene on Linux I think
it's fair to say that there are several things that stop, or slow artists
from joining projects. For one OS project support is  geared towards
programmers. I can only think of a few places or tools that aren't:
LGDC-Artists list, Linux GFX and a few others (not pretending to provide a
full list here). This annoys me greatly.

Does Advogato supply anything for Artists? Not really, you can list your
projects and set yourself down as a 'developer' (which, although
semantically correct isn't that attractive to the 'Artist'! ;-). I'd much
rather have myself listed as a 'Lead Artist' for project Civil.

Take Sourceforge. It offers a great deal of useful, free functionality for
/programmers/, but there's very little point me using bug-lists for stray
pixels. It's very hard for an artist to stand out from the programmers in
the OS scene when the majority of people setup, support and provide tools
for programmers.

Admittedly I'm picking on two great sites which I use regularly. But it's a
prime example of the emphasis given over to programmers -- and I'm well
aware that this argument could be classed as a 'Chicken v Egg' scenario,

Artists are egotistical. They want to be recognised as artists. Some of us
can even program! However, most of us use Mac, Windows, Unix and even the
Amiga (speaking personally) to produce the best work we can, for free, just
like you. It would help encourage other artists to get involved,  if those
of us active didn't feel like the dirty men of OS development.

Like all you talented people who do it for free, for love and kudos, artists
would probably flock to what amounts to virgin territory if we had more
chance to garner the kudos of the programmers on this scene.

Whilst this may be down to a lack of communication between camps -- there
are those of us willing to help. I know I have never had so much fun, or
exposure, since I started working with some very talented OS developers.

> > > Especially not for Linux?
> >
> > No - I don't think Linux makes games writing any harder.  It's arguable
> > that it doesn't make it any easier either...but I'm not so sure about
> > that.
> >

One thing that would be nice is if something like Blitz Basic came out for
Linux (Is there one already?) It's been ported from the Amiga to Windows
quite successfully, and whilst I don't think it will be a top seller, I
think a tool such as this has a lot to offer the grass roots developer. What
better place to host such a tool than Linux?

> I'm up for discussion on anything to do with linux games, but I think most
of us
> are fairly tired of discussing the same old stuff over and over and not
> much progress at A-grade games without A-grade artists.

Hey, some of us B-grade artists are Ok! ;-)



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kids, we'd all be running around in a darkened room munching pills and
listening to repetitive music."

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