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Re: Is this list still alive?

On Fri, 12 Jan 2001, The Corruptor wrote:

>Does Advogato supply anything for Artists? Not really, you can list your
>projects and set yourself down as a 'developer' (which, although
>semantically correct isn't that attractive to the 'Artist'! ;-). I'd much
>rather have myself listed as a 'Lead Artist' for project Civil.

Isn't there such a category then? Why not suggest to the folks at Advogato
that they add one. There are categories for developers and documenters,
but not artists. 

>Like all you talented people who do it for free, for love and kudos, artists
>would probably flock to what amounts to virgin territory if we had more
>chance to garner the kudos of the programmers on this scene.

But when someone looks at a new game, the first impressions always comes
from how the game looks. A game where some developer has gone wild with
xpaint usually looks like cr*p. A game where the homepage and overall
graphics have been done by a talented artist have a *much* higher chance
of surviving the first 10 minutes an average player will give a new game.
If it doesn't look/play well in those 10 minutes it will get erased and
forgotten. When a player has played a game for a while and likes it,
*then* he/she will start to appreciate the clever code. All participants
in a game project should get credits for their work, but I admit that it
seems like the coders are "ranked higher" for some reason.

>> I'm up for discussion on anything to do with linux games, but I think most
>of us
>> are fairly tired of discussing the same old stuff over and over and not
>> much progress at A-grade games without A-grade artists.
>Hey, some of us B-grade artists are Ok! ;-)

I wasn't talking about myself there... :-) Luckily Civil has managed to
attract not just one, but two extremely good artists. That in turn puts a
lot of pressure on the coders to come up with good code...  "Damn
stacktrace, it can't be that hard to understand what I want to do!"

Jan 'Chakie' Ekholm |     Balrog New Media    http://www.balrog.fi/
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