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Re: Is this list still alive?

Quoting Jan Ekholm <chakie@infa.abo.fi>:

> Isn't there such a category then? Why not 
suggest to the folks at
> Advogato
> that they add one. There are categories for 
developers and documenters,
> but not artists. 

I did when I joined, but I didn't get any 
response to the idea. I'll post the suggestion 
again when I remember!
> xpaint usually looks like cr*p. A game where
> the homepage and overall
> graphics have been done by a talented artist 
> have a *much* higher
> chance
> of surviving the first 10 minutes an average 
> player will give a new
> game.

This is true. We do get the 'first impression' 
glory, but from there things go downhill 
slightly... Of course, some projects are 
different... ;-)

> All participants in a game project should get 
> credits for their work, but I admit that
> it seems like the coders are "ranked higher" 
> for some reason.

Based on a lot of the 'Artist Sux' comments that 
appear on this list from time-to-time, I'd be 
inclined to say that programmers think they're a 
little smarter. But, that's /not/ my opinion, 
just a reaction! 

This whole area is something that is changing. 
Linux is now competing in a more graphical 
environment so artists are a necessary evil. It's 
just a shame we're percieved the way we are in 
more technical forums...


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