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Tux Racer (was Re: Is this list still alive?)

Steve Baker writes:

> Erik wrote:
> > I thought tuxracer had released a "finished" version?

Nope, we're still working on a 1.0 release.

> I sure hope not...although I don't see any activity on their mailing list.
> The graphics are *gorgeous*

Thanks.  We're lucky to have excellent artists on the team.

> - but it has no good gameplay.  

Well, I wouldn't go that far! :)

> There is nobody
> to compete against (no computer players, no two-player mode, no network play
> mode)...and all the courses wind up looking very similar because they cannot
> insert arbitary 3D objects into the course.

We're adding *all* the features that you list to the game, and they'll be
in the 1.0 release (some of them are already complete).



Jasmin Patry                               Lead Programmer, Tux Racer
jfpatry@sunspirestudios.com                   http://www.tuxracer.com

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