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Re: Is this list still alive?

Erik wrote:

> I thought tuxracer had released a "finished" version?

I sure hope not...although I don't see any activity on their mailing list.

The graphics are *gorgeous* - but it has no good gameplay.  There is nobody
to compete against (no computer players, no two-player mode, no network play
mode)...and all the courses wind up looking very similar because they cannot
insert arbitary 3D objects into the course.

Competing against the clock doesn't make much of a game...especially without
a "ghost" player to let you race against yourself.

> I'd like to see pingus in an end-user state :)

Yes - it's so *nearly* done - but again, nothing seems to change for years
at a time.

> I'm up for discussion on anything to do with linux games, but I think most of us
> are fairly tired of discussing the same old stuff over and over and not making
> much progress at A-grade games without A-grade artists.

We talked the artist thing into the ground - and didn't *really* get anywhere.

I want to write a game where the scenery builds itself using fractals and such
like - and the critters in the game are generated with genetic algorithms. That
way, I won't *need* no stinkin' artists.

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