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Re: Is this list still alive?

Steve Baker wrote:
> Erik wrote:
> > I'm up for discussion on anything to do with linux games, but I think most of us
> > are fairly tired of discussing the same old stuff over and over and not making
> > much progress at A-grade games without A-grade artists.
> We talked the artist thing into the ground - and didn't *really* get anywhere.
> I want to write a game where the scenery builds itself using fractals and such
> like - and the critters in the game are generated with genetic algorithms. That
> way, I won't *need* no stinkin' artists.

Yeah !

It should be relatively easy to insert artist drawn graphics into a game
with fractal generated objects at a later date, so maybe an impressive
looking fractally created game would attract artists with the skills to
fine tune the graphics. And who knows how good they will look until we
try. It could be the way for non-commercial games to go ? When I worked
on my first real game (kind of an alien syndrome clone) my friend drew
the maps and tiles, but he wasn't much of an artist. When he came up
with a good idea, graphically, I'd try to recreate it mathematically for
the editor, so that he could create more tiles of the same type easily.
It worked out good, and I still like the graphics in a lot of that game.

So...does anyone want to start a competition to see who can write the
best mathematically generated game ? As little as possible stored data,
and the focus on huge game worlds (generated) and lots of generated

I'm up for it !

Bye - Joel.

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