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Re: Is this list still alive?

On Thu, 11 Jan 2001, Steve Baker wrote:

>I want to write a game where the scenery builds itself using fractals
>and such like - and the critters in the game are generated with genetic
>algorithms. That way, I won't *need* no stinkin' artists.

Now that's a lot of work. Do you want the critters to breed and create new
types of critters too? :-)

Hypothetically it should be possible to have some genetic algorithm
"evolve" monsters for some game. Give the engine a lot of free choice, a
lot of time and let it breed new monsters. After a year or so harvest the
best monsters out and plug them into some game. But GA:s don't work that
way just yet, AFAIK. Nice idea though.

Anyone interested in strategic games? No, Red Alert & co are not
strategic. Most of the click-fest games are not. Engine design, rts
issues, playability, networking.

I try to bring up this issue every now and then in various forums, but
nobody plays strategic games anymore, *sniff*.

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