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Re: Is this list still alive?

Pierre Phaneuf wrote:
> Steve Baker wrote:
> > That's why there are 42 versions of Tetris and 14 of Bomberman.
> Got something against Tetris derivatives?

We've discussed this before.

Tetris is a fine game - I even play it once in a while...but we truly
only need a couple of implementations.  The remaining 40-odd are just
a horrible waste of human effort.

> http://quadra.sourceforge.net/ ;-)
> (yeah, shameless plug!)

My reaction is <yawn> "so what?" - another Tetris.  There are about 6
copies that come with my SuSE Linux distro - why would I even visit the
web site of a 7th one - let alone go to all the trouble of downloading
and installing it.

Didn't Quadra try to make money by actually *selling* the game?  That was
a dumb thing if every I heard one.  Let's see - there are more free versions
of this game than any other game in history...I know...Let's write yet another
one and try to sell it!

Since it's on SourceForge, I guess someone realised that and 'freed' the code.

> > My *hope* is that OpenSource programmers - being free of the constraints
> > of Publishers and the demands of Retailers - will be able to innovate whole
> > new genres of game that the commercial guys don't have the nerve to risk.
> Got any ideas? This, I couldn't agree more, and I would like to get into
> such a game project, even more so if I could make it a platform to test
> XPLC with (the concept would need to be extensible, like Doom and Quake
> were).
> I also think that we shouldn't target only Linux, but try to get also
> the other Unixes (of course), BeOS, MacOS and the Windows. Then, such
> innovative games could be heard about and people would see them.

Yes - I don't think it's hard to make games that are portable - providing
you think about that at day #1.
> > Projects like FlightGear that have reached a 'critical mass' of developers
> > are coming along nicely and are self-perpetuating.
> Getting to that critical mass is pretty though. I'm trying to recruit
> developers to take over Quadra in some time, and it's Hard.

Well - yes - but Quadra is Tetris...Who the heck wants to work on a 43rd
version of Tetris?

Someone commented that Tetris is the "Hello World" of computer games - which
is a great incite.  How many people would like to join in my new "Hello World"

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