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Re: Is this list still alive?

Steve Baker wrote:

> Didn't Quadra try to make money by actually *selling* the game?
> That was a dumb thing if every I heard one.  Let's see - there are
> more free versions of this game than any other game in history...I
> know...Let's write yet another one and try to sell it!
> Since it's on SourceForge, I guess someone realised that and
> 'freed' the code.

Yeah, I know, I'm one of the Quadra guys. I didn't really agree with the
idea of trying to sell it, I would have been happy with just releasing
it open source, as it was really just a test of development processes
within our company. But the "test" got out of hand and consumed too much
resources for a few peoples taste, so they wanted to get something in
return, which proved futile.

The project was going to be dropped on the floor, but I pushed for it to
become open source, as it is most definitely the best tetris derivative
we ever saw.

Quadra is the third generation of a game that was developed after trying
out roughly a hundred of Tetris clones and derivatives, sampling them
for the best gameplay elements, which then became a HUGE success at
various colleges and university where people we knew went. The gameplay
modifications are important enough that an excellent Tetris player has
quite a bit to learn before being an excellent Quadra player.

> > I also think that we shouldn't target only Linux, but try to get also
> > the other Unixes (of course), BeOS, MacOS and the Windows. Then, such
> > innovative games could be heard about and people would see them.
> Yes - I don't think it's hard to make games that are portable - providing
> you think about that at day #1.

Agreed 100% with this. Think portable from day 1, and you'll be all
right. Maybe some platforms won't be supported right from the start, but
being in the right mindset makes it easy to support them later on in any

> > Getting to that critical mass is pretty though. I'm trying to recruit
> > developers to take over Quadra in some time, and it's Hard.
> Well - yes - but Quadra is Tetris...Who the heck wants to work on a 43rd
> version of Tetris?

Yeah I know... Even though we're stealing users from the AOL networked
Tetris and from Tetrinet? People also said it was better than "The Next
Tetris", the latest "official" Tetris. We even got a number of lawyer
letters from the Tetris Company LLC (but many others received one too),
but carried on (as the letters had no legal value in Canada).

Oh well... :-)

"I've run DOOM more in the last few days than I have the last few
months. I just love debugging ;-)" -- Linus Torvalds

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