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Re: 3D game programming

voidstar wrote:
> CR> http://www.opengl.org/ is a good starting point.
> CR> You might also want to look at CrystalSpace
> CR> (http://crystal.linuxgames.com/) which is such an engine and is free
> CR> software.
> CR> (Hint: Play a bit with the OpenGL tutorials (for background knowledge)
> CR> and then use CrystalSpace. No need to reinvent the wheel)
> ok thanks, I've downloaded OpenGL tutorial and I'll start code
> something. But what's better between OpenGL and CrystalSpace?
> What about speed? It CrystalSpace ok to use? or OpenGL is much
> optimized?

CrystalSpace uses OpenGL - it's essentially a layer on top of OpenGL.

You might also want to check out my own games library suite 'PLIB'
http://plib.sourceforge.net - it's not as comprehensive as CS - but
most people find it easier to use and there are *WAY* more actual
games written using PLIB than CS.

But check out both of them - it's very much a matter of style and

Steve Baker   HomeEmail: <sjbaker1@airmail.net>
              WorkEmail: <sjbaker@link.com>
              HomePage : http://web2.airmail.net/sjbaker1
              Projects : http://plib.sourceforge.net

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