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Re: 3D game programming

Steve Baker wrote:

> CrystalSpace uses OpenGL - it's essentially a layer on top of OpenGL.

Not only OpenGL. Also Direct3D, Glide, and software.

It is also more than a layer. Crystal Space is a Game SDK (with the
focus towards 3D games).

> You might also want to check out my own games library suite 'PLIB'
> http://plib.sourceforge.net - it's not as comprehensive as CS - but
> most people find it easier to use and there are *WAY* more actual
> games written using PLIB than CS.
> But check out both of them - it's very much a matter of style and
> taste.

CS used to be hard to use and it is still a complex program. But in our
defense, the current documentation is getting very good and I see many
new people jump in CS (or use CS for own projects) rather easily.


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