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Re: 3D game programming

Jorrit Tyberghein wrote:
> Steve Baker wrote:

> > CrystalSpace uses OpenGL - it's essentially a layer on top of OpenGL.
> Not only OpenGL. Also Direct3D, Glide, and software.

Well yes - but this is "LinuxGames" - so Direct3D and Glide versions
are presumably not relevant - and doing serious 3D using only software
isn't terribly interesting anymore - so to a first order approximation,
it's built on OpenGL.  (I did say "essentially")

Having D3D support for Windoze is a pretty useful feature if you
need portability though.  PLIB can't do that because it's tied pretty
tightly to OpenGL...although it runs just fine under Windoze.

> It is also more than a layer. Crystal Space is a Game SDK (with the
> focus towards 3D games).

Well, that's largely a matter of terminology and perception...but I'll
buy that.
> CS used to be hard to use and it is still a complex program. But in our
> defense, the current documentation is getting very good and I see many
> new people jump in CS (or use CS for own projects) rather easily.

That's encouraging.  It's important for there to be variety and choice
in SDK's.

How many games are now in progress using CS?  Last time I checked, they
all seemed to be some kind of demo - or something that the authors of
CS were writing - but that was a LONG time ago.

There are three commercial Playstation-2 games in development using
PLIB - I've lost count of the number of OpenSource games and other
applications using it.

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