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Re: 3D game programming

Steve Baker wrote:

> How many games are now in progress using CS?  Last time I checked, they
> all seemed to be some kind of demo - or something that the authors of
> CS were writing - but that was a LONG time ago.

Well at this moment I think the three most advanced projects using CS are:

    Dreams Eternal (http://dreams.sourceforge.net) This is my own FPS project.
    It is seperate from CS but uses CS. Current stage is pre-alpha. We have
    a walk-through demo with a working inventory system and some menus.

    PlaneShift (http://www.planeshift.it) This is a big RPG project. They have
    a very active project manager and it seems to be going very well at the

    FreeRaider (http://freeraider.sourceforge.net) This is a space simulation

If you do a search on Crystal Space in SourceForge you'll also notice a number
of other projects using CS.

Almost none of these are finished. The only two really finished games are
Tunnel Fighter and Blocks.

> There are three commercial Playstation-2 games in development using
> PLIB - I've lost count of the number of OpenSource games and other
> applications using it.

Yes I agree that PLIB is a lot more used than CS. CS still has a steep learning


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