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The future of C/C++

Hey people,

	Yesterday I was talking to one of the directors of the Mathematics
department at my university about ideas for new research projects that I
could participate. The first one I suggested was building a 3D engine,
somthing like CrystalSpace for example, entirely from scratch. I also
said it would be  made primarily in C++. The man started talking about
some older projects of the department that already had something to do
with this, and how he wanted to try some really *new* stuff.
	He then went on talking about new projects using primarily Java,
stating that the language was still very slow, regarding performance,
but that it would soon change, suggesting that C/C++ were near an "end".
	I'd like to know your opinion about this: what do you think? Is Java
really going to replace C/C++, once it solves it's performance problems?
Is it stupid to start new projects today using C/C++ rather than other
new promising languages? What do you think?


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