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Re: The future of C/C++

On Wednesday 17 January 2001 16:36, Achilles wrote:

> 	He then went on talking about new projects using primarily Java,
> stating that the language was still very slow, regarding performance,
> but that it would soon change, suggesting that C/C++ were near an
> "end". I'd like to know your opinion about this: what do you think? Is

C++ surely won't go away anytime soon, and Java is way overhyped.
It has 3 main "advantages":
(1) It comes standard with a bytecode interpreter
(2) It comes with a hugs standard library
(3) It has automatic garbage collection

Aside from that it's more or less a clone of C++ with the advanced 
features removed:
* no operator overloading
* no teplates or seomthing similar. that means you can either have 
generic code or typesafe code, but not both

And even the advantages are not that great - bytecode interpreters can be 
written for (almost) any language, garbage collection as well and the 
standard library is actually bloated and overly complex (and is the only 
buggy standard library I encountered up to now).

I mean, Java is kinda nice, and it's good for some things. But I don't 
think it really has the potential to *replace* C++

Christian Reiniger
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- David Weinberger JOHO January 25, 2000

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