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Re: The future of C/C++

On Thursday 18 January 2001 15:53, Achilles wrote:

> > However, if you like Java and speed is the only thing stopping you
> > from using it, then i suggest mixing Java (compiled or not-- compiled
> > Java is fairly quick) and C++.  I haven't done this myself, but i
> > hear you can get some decent results.

I remember I wanted to reply to this one :)
Ok - I used a mix of C++ and Java for a term project ~1 year ago, and it 
was really nice. Plugging the two languages together was easy and the 
performance, well, I can't say much about this because the C++ part was 
doing all the real work :)

But combining the two languages can really be a good option.

Christian Reiniger
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- David Weinberger JOHO January 25, 2000

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