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Care to join?

Hey people,

	Taking advantadge of this recent list's "revival" :), I'd like to
invite any interested designer, programmer or artist to join my own game
project. It doesn't actually have a name yet, but that's not very
important right now.
	The project aims at making a side-scroller-shoot-em-up, inspired on the
classic R-Type. For now, the project has one programmer (me) and one
artist (very talented, indeed :)), but as you can see, we are lacking
some decent help here. Current status of the project is: the graphics
engine is nearly complete, we have a working level editor, some fine
artwork done for some game objects, and I'm supposed to start with AI
next. What we need the most right now are: tile artists, sound
programmers, *motivation* (hah!) and basically anyone who would like to
lend us a hand.
	Gimme a ring if you're interested in knowing more about this project.


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