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Re: The future of C/C++

On Wed, Jan 17, 2001 at 01:36:54PM -0200, Achilles wrote:
> 	I'd like to know your opinion about this: what do you think? Is Java
> really going to replace C/C++, once it solves it's performance problems?
> Is it stupid to start new projects today using C/C++ rather than other
> new promising languages? What do you think?

The short answer is, old languages, especially those which have worked so well for so many people, die hard. C and C++ are still among the best possible system-building tools, and are among the fastest and most precise HLLs. They'll continue to be supported long into the future. The GNU coding standards even recommend that most developers do their work in C. (This has not changed afaik; check the site.)

On the other hand, in business you'll often find faddish managers who follow the fashionable technology/API/language of the month: Java in February, COM in March, SOAP in April. I'm exaggerating a bit but in the Windows world the "bleeding edge" is awful hard to keep up with, and never has a chance to really prove itself before it's deprecated and replaced. Maybe your professor is one of these types, I don't know. But saying "C is dead" is a lot like saying "Unix is dead": Only Scott Nudds really and totally believes it and he's crazy.

Jeff Read <bitwize@geocities.com>
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