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Re: RFOR: Is LGDC really crap?

Christian Reiniger wrote:

>[RFOR: Request For Other Ramblings]
>Looking at the (still current) poll makes me think a bit...
>35 out of 167 votes are on the "LGDC is crap" option, and while I'm sure 
>that shouldn't be taken too serious (such an option is just too tempting 
>:), this number is nevertheless a bit disturbing.
>So - is it really that bad? What is missing, what needs to be improved, 
>what would be nice to have?
More news.  You could post somethin' about Little Green Men 
Entertainment if you wish.  The site is stable now.  Not much is 
happening yet, but that's why you should post something about it.  The 
website is at http://lgme.scurvypenguin.net.  I call it an "Open Source 
Game Development Group".  If you want more info just say so.