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I visited happypenguim.org and I saw lgdc news are displayed on the 
site. Do you use a url to place a RSS/RDF file? May I place these news 
on my site too, like happypenguim.org does?
	About lgdc is being crap: I have fear on writing articles because my 
english is poor. But I will try to do it someday! ;-) However, I don't 
think lgdc is crap, is more than anyone did until now to provide 
community of linux games developers a portal infrastructure.
	About what I do expect from the site: I like the how it is today, but if 
I could choose something to place on site, I guess information about 
jobs related to linux games or cross plataform games would be great. 
E.G.: I have so much interest in know how think a developer from ID 
software, loki entertainment, etc...
Thanks in advance,