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Re: RFOR: Is LGDC really crap?

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#Thursday 03 January 2002 00:51# Message from Steve Baker:

I haven't had chance to really read all through this yet, I have a few points 
I'd like ot make but I need to bring my brain up to working temperature first 
(been ouside trying to hack the ice off the back gate.. :/)

> I think you should go the slashdot route and have a number (say three or
> four) people whom you get on with and trust who can each contribute items -
> then put up a mailing list where anyone can send ideas and news snippets to
> those people for posting. 

I'd like to make a confession here: I am supposed to be one of Christian's 
news "helpers" - I have access to add entries to the resources - but of late 
I just haven't had time. That's perhaps the problem; I have plenty of time to 
help out some times but others I have almost none. Several - not just three 
or four but perhaps double that - more people to add entries would help out a 
lot IMO. 

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