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Re: RFOR: Is LGDC really crap?

On Saturday 05 January 2002 04:22, subnet_rx wrote:
> yes, this is really what's needed.  Some specific guidelines for
> postings.  For the format, I'm guessing this is just a blogger type
> setup, so text guidelines would be all you need there.  Or we could

Do you wonder about having the proper layout or about staying "on

Actually, I wasn't really worried about staying on topic.  The
maintainer status should only be given to game developers.  That way,
they post news about applications they use.  This would be beneficial
to everyone.

> post the news on the mailing list before posting on the site, so
> everyone will kind of get a feel of what's posting material, and
> not.

Posting news only when everyone already knows them is bad IMHO :)

It can be, I didn't know that many people subscribed to this list, I
thought about 15 was mentioned, but 147 is quite a large number.