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Re: RFOR: Is LGDC really crap?

yes, this is really what's needed.  Some specific guidelines for news
postings.  For the format, I'm guessing this is just a blogger type setup,
so text guidelines would be all you need there.  Or we could post the news
on the mailing list before posting on the site, so that everyone will kind
of get a feel of what's posting material, and what's not.

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> > If you require all articles to be in a particular format then there is
> > additional task for the article's author to undertake.  That raises the
> > barrier because some people won't want to be bothered to reformat to
> > whatever standard the LGDC would hypothetically require.
> If articles are in such a complex format that they can't easily be
> to look the same as others, something is *very* wrong.
> And when I say format, I mean, consistent layout, like the articles on
> Gamasutra and hosted on GameDev.Net....
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