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Re: Scripting (Was First step or something)

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#Friday 11 January 2002 20:10# Message from Steve Baker:
> The good thing about using scripting for AI is that you can edit the scripts
> while the game is running.  

Well, yeah - but you can do the same thing if you can stick the game in pause,
give the game a command like "reloadAI" which then calls a function that does
something like (off the top of my head)

    dlclose(aiFoo -> soHandle);
    if(NULL == (aiFoo -> soHandle = dlopen(.......))) {
        log error


Then carry on as normal. Of course, if multiple AIs use the same library, and 
each opens a copy, this needs a bit more work to make sure that all instances
of the library are closed (dlopen returns the same handle if a library is 
opened more than once) bute it's still possible..

But anyway, each to his own - I like the dynamic library method, other people
like interpreted scripts. If everyone was the same, life would be incredibly 
boring. IMO the only thing that really matters is that it gets the job done 
as well as you want it to be done. If it does I can't see what difference it 
matters which method you use ;)

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