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Game console devel under Linux


Is anyone here using Linux as their preferred development
platform for (in decreasing order of interest) PS2, Gamecube,
XBox, PSX or Dreamcast?

Does anyone have experience of development for these platforms
(on Linux or not) and wish to share some tips on unexpected
(ie. not speed-related) considerations/limitations/strengths
of these platforms in relation to a Linux PC with a low-frills
3D card?

I'll tell you why I ask -- I'm currently in the early stages
of technical and production design on a pitch for backing for
a commercial title and I wish to stick with Linux/GCC as my
preferred development environment.  (Currently also OpenGL for
transformation and rendering and SDL for input and display
initialisation, but those parts are fairly well-isolated in the

So, how are the console SDKs to work with in general and how well
is console development supported under Linux (either via official
SDKs or 'guerilla' to-the-metal docs)?  What are the legal
implications of /not/ using the official SDKs?

Many thanks!
Adam D. Moss    . ,,^^    adam@gimp.org    http://www.foxbox.org/   co:3

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