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Re: Loki...


Am Don, 2002-01-24 um 18.34 schrieb Ingo Ruhnke:
> Well, linux will of course survive without games, but 'surving' alone
> isn't really such a hard thing to accomplish. When gnu/linux should
> ever have a small change in the desktop marked it simply *must* have
> games and many of them, games are simply one of the major reason why
> many people by PCs. And when linux won't provide games, well they
> stick to windows.
I don't know if we really only need full-scale commercial games for
linux to attract hard-core gamers. I can imagine a lot of them being
scared away if they have to recompile the kernel just to have support
for joystick xy. So the installation and administration will need to be
simpler, too. My point is, that it's not only the game developer's task
to "save linux on the desktop".
And then there's the issue, that those gamers, who succeded in setting
everything up, will want to play their games together with their friends
who still use Windoze, so you would also have to add "&& win" to "free
&& great && linux".
Games like "Ace Of Penguins" imo do much more work for linux on the
desktop, 'cause it's those games that casual gamers, who mainly use
their computers word processor, will definitely want to have & play.
And these don't install their system themselves (mostly set up by vendor
or the company's sysadmin).
Besides that, I'm still not 100% convinced, if Linux was ever meant to
be a desktop system. It's design is still very server-oriented... But
that's another question, which is a bit offtopic ;)


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