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Re: Loki...

On Fri, 25 Jan 2002, Steve Baker wrote:

> > Oliver wanted to "script" the game, and you had a hard time explaining him
> > that people wanted to perform actions more freely than that.

[more great stuff deleted]

> > I have a son that is 14 months - I have some time to prepare, but still
> > want to hear about it. :-)
> We had a "game" where balloons (big, multicoloured circles actually)
> gradually expanded, then slowly drift up the screen and disappear off
> the top...but once the balloons reached a certain size, if you hit any
> key on the keyboard, then the balloons would pop - loudly!
> That was Olivers' first computer game and he was playing it at about that
> age.  Unfortunately, I don't recall where the game came from or what platform
> it ran on...but you can write it yourself in an evening.

Sounds like a great idea. I wrote a "game" for him, when he was 5 months,
that essentially just was a fullscreen, changing colors and playing random
sounds when he pressed the keyboards. He was very happy with that.

> Be prepared to invest in a new keyboard. :-)

Yes, that became a problem - I got a new laptops, and the keys kept
falling of, when he played with it. But, now I have yet another one -
maybe I should dust of that old "game" ;-)


Mads Bondo Dydensborg.                               madsdyd@challenge.dk
Just because a program takes text commands makes it complex? I love GUI's. I
love using the web. I love WYSIWYG word processors. But I also love CLIs. It
feels more natural to me, as if I'm talking with the computer (granted, the
language isn't english, it's bash, and the vocabulary happens to be whatever's 
is my PATH)--I tell it what to do and it does it for me (unlike GUI's where I
have to do everything my own damn self). 
                                      - fassler, in response to MS France FUD