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Re: A question to everyone...

Albin Holmgren wrote:
> Developing for Linux, in parallell with windows&MacOS

What technology is your game based on to have it adequately
portable?  SDL?  Do you also use OpenGL?

Does anyone have experience with taking a GCC+OpenGL+Linux
game over to MacOS and Win32?  Is GCC a workable solution
on MacOS[X] and Win32 in conjunction with OpenGL (ie.
on Win32 is there a distinction between a 'developers
OpenGL' and a 'runtime OpenGL' where the former comes
as some horrible VC++-specific binary lump)?

Err, another question -- how does one get hold of the
appropriate headers for OpenGL development on Win32 or
MacOS?  I presume that they don't come with the libraries
themselves like they typically do on UNIX.  I know that
SDL now includes a 'universal' GL.h -- was this in
answer to that question?

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