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Re: A question to everyone...

I am trying to explore what will happen if I mix the old-style 
poetry/novel-writing with digital entertainment. My current project, a 
roleplaying game is supposed to, besides being fun/entertaining, give the 
player/reader/experiencer a feeling that another world, another life, 
another society is posible, and tell h(im|er) some of the things I think 

But, if it wasn't fun during development, I wouldn't do it.

Developing for Linux, in parallell with windows&MacOS, is a consequence of 
my (and the rest of the teams) ideology (I hate that word! read: 
reality-tunnel), which could be labeled as anarchism.


At 11:09 2002-01-25 +0000, you wrote:
>     Just a question that has been forced to the front of my mind by 
> recent discussions:
>Why are you writing Linux games (or the tools/libraries needed to do so)?
>What exactly to you aim to achieve?