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Re: A question to everyone...


On Friday, 25. January 2002 12:09, Chris wrote:
> Why are you writing Linux games (or the tools/libraries needed to do so)?

I write 'free' games in the first place, not 'Linux games', although this has 
mostly been identical, as Linux and the available tools form an ideal free 
development platform.
Historically I wrote games on DOS (I won't mention the programming languages 
I used there ;) as well as during my rather short Windows time, but it never 
turned out to become useful.
So maybe I'm just doomed to let most of my coding efforts result in some kind 
of game. Games give you a great freedom in design, implementation and 
assembly (e.g. using two or more different languages). You wouldn't expect to 
see an Office suite shipping with a themeable animated UI and background 
music, would you? For me it's mostly multiplayer games, which means soon 
after the initial coding I can have fun seeing some other guys on the other 
end of the wire.

> What exactly to you aim to achieve?

I honestly don't know. Maybe:
To demonstrate that a broad range of entertainment can and should be free of 
To help filling the missing gaps which currently exist in the free gaming 

Now, back to exams :(


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