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Re: A question to everyone...

Albin Holmgren wrote:

> I haven't encountered any serious problems (yet), On windows I code and
> compile with msvc, checking once in a while that it compiles with cygwin
> too. It's a hell to keep  msvc projects and makefiles synchronized.

Yes - that's why Cygwin is a good choice for your Windoze compiler - the
compiler comes with all the GNU tools - so your configure script and Makefile.am's
can be shared with the Linux version.

There was some attempt by one of the guys on the FlightGear team to write
a Makefile-to-MSVC-project converter.  I recollect that it worked reasonably
well - but I don't think it was ever completed.
> I'm not the one doing the Mac-stuff, but he who does told me he was able to
> compile it at once, fixing only a few of my bugs.

We had a lot of problems with #include directives having to be changed
to fit with Apple's weird directory heirarchy.  The code itself ported
without too many problems though.

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