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Re: Loki...

Dennis Payne wrote:

> This has puzzled me for some time.  Why would you use DirectX?

Well, if you are writing for Windoze *only* (as most people are), then
it is simply the native game API.  It covers sound, graphics (2D and 3D),
joystick, mouse, keyboard, etc.

Things like force-feedback joysticks are really only possible through

> Does
> anyone know of any benefits beyond better support for Direct3D over
> OpenGL?

I think it's a matter of debate whether D3D is better than OpenGL...I
don't think it is better.  Either way, D3D isn't in any way portable
but OpenGL is completely portable - so for me, there is no choice.

>  Does Diablo use any DirectX tricks that wouldn't be possible
> under SDL?  Or are the commercial developers just comfortable with
> DirectX and aren't looking beyond it?

That's it I think.

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