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Re: Loki...

> > Well, most Linux games port pretty well onto Windoze - all of mine were
> > running under windoze within a week of the Linux version going out the
> > door.  I don't think that's a biggie.

> Linux -> Windows isn't that difficult, that's true. But I don't know which
> gamedev-company out there would restructure their development process to
> use the proper architecture / APIs for development on both OSes. (this
> means primarily not to use DirectX throughout the code)

This has puzzled me for some time.  Why would you use DirectX?  Does
anyone know of any benefits beyond better support for Direct3D over
OpenGL?  Does Diablo use any DirectX tricks that wouldn't be possible
under SDL?  Or are the commercial developers just comfortable with
DirectX and aren't looking beyond it?

Dennis Payne