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Re: Loki...

Albin Holmgren wrote:
> > > With the `curious' thing SGI have done 6 months ago, i'm not sure anyone
> > > knows by now, for sure, if OpenGL will last, let say, up to the end of
> > > this year. I hope to be wrong here, but we are talking about a M$ move
> > > here, not about a Santa Claus' one and it's 62.5M$US, not a couple of
> > > hundreds.

> I have missed this completly. Does Microsoft claim patentrights to
> something in OpenGL?

That's not clear - only that they paid $69 million for rights to some
SGI patents...whether that covers OpenGL or not - and what rights that
gives them to things that SGI have already licensed to third parties
isn't clear.

> Is there a URL where I can get more information?

The best article was on Slashdot - but their search engine seems to
be broken right now - it was about three or four days ago.

I found this - but it doesn't say much:


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