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Re: Low volume with OpenAL

On Thu, 23 Jan 2003, Jonatan Magnusson wrote:

> I'm trying to use OpenAL with my current project. I have sounds playing
> but I get a very low volume compared to playing the wav files with a
> player like esdplay. I can't find any global openal volume settings and
> I've tried with different gains, both on listener and sources. When I
> set gain to below 1.0 it's more quiet, but setting it to more than 1.0
> (i've tried with 2.0 and 100.0) doesn't play it any louder!

I don't know for sure - but perhaps OpenAL is keeping some volume
"in reserve" for when multiple sounds are playing together.

Also, aren't OpenAL's sounds range-attenuated?  Can you move your
virtual 'ear' closer to the sound source?

> And I am a little confused about the state of OpenAL. Do you think it's
> here to stay or should I some other sound library?

I sure hope it's here to stay.  It's OpenSourced - so in a sense,
it'll never "go away" - but OTOH, it's biggest proponent (and
contributor) was Loki - and they are long-gone.  However, it's
also backed by Creative Labs - and they appear to be going strong.

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