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Re: SDL Surface Bliting

Can you post some code? What you're describing should work.

Make sure you check the return values of any surface creation, loading
or blitting functions to see if any errors have occurred.

On 1/19/07, dulsi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <dulsi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm a bit puzzelled.  Despite having used SDL for a while I've never
done much with it.  Recently I initialized the video which creates an
SDL surface.  I created a second smaller surface that intend to
compose images on before drawing to the screen.  I then loaded the
images to compose.  When I blit everything on the initialized video
screen it works fine.  However I blit everything on the smaller
surface and then try to blit it onto the initialized video screen, it
fails to draw anything.  Is there something simple I'm missing?

Dennis Payne