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Re: Linux 3D

>Most cheap 3D accelerators (i.e., 3Dfx) are already supported quite well
>for Linux on the Intel platform via the Linux port of Glide.  See
>http://glide.xxedgexx.com/ and the 3Dfx-HOWTO (you can find it on the
>LDP).  You can even get Mesa for doing full screen 3Dfx work.
 I was aware of support for 3Dfx and other monior accelerators. But my major
concern is for the newer models. Hard core gamers are always looking for
newest and the greatest. Do you know of support for the voodoo2? if so
that's a great start. I'm just wondering what can be done to get support for
the newest cards soon after they ship instead of a year or two later. i.e.
Matrox G200 series.