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Re: Game idea....

I send out one message that sparks an interesting discussion and then
my isp's mistake prevents me from receiving email for 2 days.

> > How much control is the player given?  What stops him from designing a
> > kill everything on screen for no energy weapon?  

> Why should he be stopped?  If he did that, then the game would no longer
> be challenging, and no longer enjoyable.

Although this discussion is facinating, most missed what I meant in
my original game idea.  I wasn't refering to a networked game at all.
(A deathmatch or cooperative megaman is an interesting idea by itself.)

Take Super Mario Brothers.  Why did they bother putting in a jump limit?
Simply telling people not to jump high wouldn't of made an enjoyable
game.  Instead the players needs to learn his limits and use skill to
escape situations.  I want the same thing for my programmable megaman.
Perhaps he designs a flying machine to get over a pit.  Someone else
designs a mega jump because it takes less energy.  Another person
simply makes a brick layer.  For weapons you might want area effect,
sinusodal, close combat, or tracking.  Perhaps even design weapons
that anticipate the opponent's movement rather than just tracking.

Dennis Payne