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Re: Game idea....

Bert Peers wrote:

>Well, yeah, but remember how badly Diablo servers got h4x0red way back ?

As you say, that's a matter of server security. Open source makes it easier
to find loopholes here, but it makes it also much easier to fix them.

>bypass them.  Is the client responsible for checking mana before
>sending a RequestCastSpell (HeavyBoom) to the server ?  Well
>a proxy would ofcourse just send that without checking anything.

The server is responsible for storing and modifying character data, so it
also has to ensure that the stats can't reach invalid values.

>Plenty of room to cheat in any kind of game as soon as the client
>is not a dumb terminal.  Which it almost never is for reasons of
>bandwidth, as pointed out..

Well, for RPGs there isn't that much data to be transmitted, so it
shouldn't matter.


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