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Re: Why is it so hard?

> why is it so hard to devel games under Linux?

	It's not. At least, not in my opinion.

> If you want to have a fast OpenGL API you must have a Vodoo card.
> The driver of nVidia is very slow.

	I believe nVidia's plans are to release a much optimized version of
the drivers when XFree86 4.0 comes out. XF86 4.0 will include a number of
changes to the way 3D and X cooperate.

> There is no real hardware acceleration support for Linux.
> Or am I wrong?

	It's there, it's just not as powerful as it could be. The Linux
community doesn't have tons of money to throw at problems like this, so it
takes a little longer for them to be solved. Things are coming along though.

	By the way, since when does a game have to be 3D to be good? In this
era of Playstations, N64's, and (arguably) cheap 3D accellerators, everyone
seems to be forgetting that graphics are NOT what makes the game. Maelstrom is
one of my favorite Linux games, and it doesn't need any fancy acceleration.
(Sorry, this rant wasn't directed right at you... it's just something that's
been bothering me lately).