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Re: Why is it so hard?

On Mon, 12 Jul 1999, Tomas Andrle wrote:

> There are probably too many good programmers who make too much cool graphic
> effects :-). Developing games also needs designers, designers need
> ready-to-use game tools and engines. I guess there are not too many such
> engines. Yeah, CrystalSpace? Well, this is mainly a 3D library, not a 3D game
> library right? I'm talking about higher level stuff like collision detection
> (item pickups, realtime deformation & physics), AI support (starting with
> enemy 'vision' of other objects in the game) and networking which is built
> into the system.
> I'm not into 3D games (development;) right now, but this is what I think about
> it's current status regarding Linux...still not quite where it should be...


The CrystalClear project, which is being built on top of the Crystal Space
engine, is an attempt to address this problem.  The concept is to develop
a plug-in system which will allow libraries for AI, Physics, and other
useful game logic libraries to interact with each other in a reasonable

Having said that, I will warn you that CrystalClear is just getting off 
the ground.  The low level framework is being coded, and the plugin system
is in the conceptual stages.  If you're still reading this message after
that, head over to http://php.indiana.edu/~mdlong/crystalclear/ for more
information.  It's slightly out of date right now, but most of the
information is accurate.  And just maybe I'll stop coding long enough to
update it before too long. :)