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Re: Why is it so hard?

On Sun, 11 Jul 1999, Jan Ekholm wrote:

> On Sat, 10 Jul 1999, Brad Johnson wrote:
> >	By the way, since when does a game have to be 3D to be good? In this
> >era of Playstations, N64's, and (arguably) cheap 3D accellerators, everyone
> >seems to be forgetting that graphics are NOT what makes the game. Maelstrom is
> >one of my favorite Linux games, and it doesn't need any fancy acceleration.
> >(Sorry, this rant wasn't directed right at you... it's just something that's
> >been bothering me lately).
> No, this was a good rant. I'm too quite fed up with games that are just a
> demo for nice graphics. Few games have become better by adding gorgeous
> graphics...

There are probably too many good programmers who make too much cool graphic
effects :-). Developing games also needs designers, designers need
ready-to-use game tools and engines. I guess there are not too many such
engines. Yeah, CrystalSpace? Well, this is mainly a 3D library, not a 3D game
library right? I'm talking about higher level stuff like collision detection
(item pickups, realtime deformation & physics), AI support (starting with
enemy 'vision' of other objects in the game) and networking which is built
into the system.

I'm not into 3D games (development;) right now, but this is what I think about
it's current status regarding Linux...still not quite where it should be...

Tomas Andrle / red_hatred