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Re: OSS for Audio API?


The Linux Game Tome is an open database, so you if you spot an omission,
you can click the Add link at the top of each page and submit a new

With the growing number of games and game related APIs and whatnot,
there's no way I can keep track of all of them myself.  That's why
anyone can submit and update data at my site.  This way, all I have to
do is look over each submission and approve it.

If you do submit an entry for OSS, I ask that you return from time to
time and ensure the record remains current.

Cheers, and thanks for OSS!

Bob Zimbinski
The Linux Game Tome - http://happypenguin.org

On 12 Jul, 4Front Technologies wrote:
> Dear Webmaster,
> I looked at your site and was quite surprised to not see Open Sound System
> listed among the APIs available for Games. 100% of the games today support
> OSS and we hope you can provide the link to the OSS programming page
> at http://www.opensound.com/pguide/index.html
> Best regards
> Dev Mazumdar