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Re: OSS for Audio API?


That wasn't addressed to me.


Never mind.

On 13 Jul, To: linuxgames@sunsite.auc.dk wrote:
> Hi,
> The Linux Game Tome is an open database, so you if you spot an omission,
> you can click the Add link at the top of each page and submit a new
> entry.
> With the growing number of games and game related APIs and whatnot,
> there's no way I can keep track of all of them myself.  That's why
> anyone can submit and update data at my site.  This way, all I have to
> do is look over each submission and approve it.
> If you do submit an entry for OSS, I ask that you return from time to
> time and ensure the record remains current.
> Cheers, and thanks for OSS!
> --
> Bob Zimbinski
> bobz@mr.net
> The Linux Game Tome - http://happypenguin.org
> On 12 Jul, 4Front Technologies wrote:
>> Dear Webmaster,
>> I looked at your site and was quite surprised to not see Open Sound System
>> listed among the APIs available for Games. 100% of the games today support
>> OSS and we hope you can provide the link to the OSS programming page
>> at http://www.opensound.com/pguide/index.html
>> Best regards
>> Dev Mazumdar