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Net Profit

You can delete this message at any time.
Go ahead and  delete, if it makes you feel better,
but beware the false sense of power and control.
Anyone can delete a message.
But most of us are powerless to escape
the financial and time pressures on our lives.
We're stressed out, and delete buttons offer
only the illusion of stress relief.

So go ahead and delete.
Most people will. But we're not after most people.
Maybe only 1 out of every 500 people who receive
this message will get excited by the opportunity offered.
Maybe only 1 out of every 5,000 people who receive it will
act decisively on that excitement and make some serious money.

If the people who sent you this message paid a bulk e-mailing
company to do it -- it would have cost them only $70.00 (U.S.)
to send out 50,000.
And if  they get back only 10 enthusiastic replies from 10
diligent people they could still end up earning enough to retire.

It's a numbers game.
Business, commerce, and capitalism always have been.
But now, in the Internet age and for the first time in history,
the numbers are totally at the disposal
of  any  person who appreciates  them.
You have access to a computer and the Internet
-- obviously, or  you  wouldn' t  be reading  this now.
The world is at your fingertips -- literally ......
your keyboard gives you access to over 50 million
Internet  subscribers around the globe, with thousands
more joining every day.

With a very, very small expenditure of time (a few hours)
and  money (approx. $200 U.S.)  you  could  create
yourself a stress-free and stress-freeing income.
A recurring income  --  perhaps even a retirement income.

The Net Profit Program was launched in July 1999.
Its focus was on Internet marketing technology in the
New Millennium -- and on those wise enough to harness it.
Most people use computer and Internet technology
to while away their already-scarce  leisure hours
and make some billionaire even richer.
The Net Profit Program allows you to turn
the tables, profit from the technology,
increase your freedom, and reduce your stress.

Success with this Program requires no great computer skills.
In fact, the man who developed it was only slightly better
than computer illiterate himself.
Success with this Program is not even limited to those who
"get in early" but, rather, to those who  just get on with it
and work it diligently -- reliable people of integrity who can
set themselves a goal and return an e-mail promptly.

This is an information and communication age.
Information is a product and, as such, it can be sold.
E-mail is the sales tool of the future.......
instantaneous, global and cheap.
This Program is all about e-mail :
selling e-mail information via e-mail to e-mailers
so that they, in turn, can sell the information to others.
There is money to be made in selling the information itself
as well as in using the information to sell or recruit for any
business opportunity on the Internet.

And just what is this information ?
The Net Profit Program offers a series
of 5 Reports costing $20 (U.S.) each.
The Reports offer specific, practical instruction
on how to jump right into business for yourself.
Not theoretical or motivational, the Reports provide
simple, practical, step-by-step directions and explanations.
You will be presented with the fruit of many hundreds of hours
of  research and experience by international  entrepreneurs  --
so that you can save yourself  hundreds of hours and begin
making hundreds of dollars before the end of your first month.

You purchase the Reports.
You save the Reports.
You learn from the Reports.
You sell the Reports via e-mail
 to thousands of other people just like you.

Before you go any further, please understand :
   1- Like any serious business attempt,
       The Net Profit Program involves risk --
       if you can' t afford to lose the money, don' t spend it.
   2- The $100 (U.S.) for the 5 Reports (and their re-printing rights)
       is not refundable. All sales are final.
   3- Once you have purchased and read the Reports, there is no
       obligation for you to continue or to spend another cent.
       You will be invited to risk another $100 (U.S.) or so
        to put the advice into action. ( Details in Report # 4 ).
        If you  choose to do so, it will be as a free and
        independent agent, and in no one else's employ --
        although support will be offered by other participants
        in the Program who have a share in your success.

This is Multi-Level Mail Order Marketing.
This is not a chain letter nor a pyramid scheme,
but a perfectly legal money-making opportunity.
As with all multi-level marketing, this business is built
by selling products and recruiting new partners.
Every state in the USA allows the recruiting of new
multi-level business partners and demands that a
product be offered for every dollar spent.

Your orders arrive by mail and are filled by
e-mail, so you are not involved in any
personal, face-to-face selling.
You work privately and independently
in your own home, store, or office.
This is how it works:

1-Make  safety copies of this invitational letter right now
    -- before you  accidentally delete it :
          With the letter brought to the screen, place your
          cursor anywhere within the document;
          click your mouse.
          Click on "Edit", click on "Select All".
          Click on "Edit", click on "Copy".
          Start a new e-mail, address it to your own e-mail address
          and fill in the subject block ("Net Profit Invitation - copy").
          Place your cursor at the beginning of this blank new letter,
          click your mouse.
          Click on "Edit", click on "Paste".
          ( The copy will arrive at the document's
          end point, you must scroll up to get
          back to the beginning.)
          E-mail it to yourself.
          Click your  cursor anywhere within the
          original document to cancel the
          "Select All" highlight.
          Then make a copy on a disk in case
          a major crash wipes out your computer's memory.
          Repeat the above process for each safety copy.

          Only a person who truly appreciates the Program's
          profit potential can truly appreciate the need for copies.
          In addition to your copies, always keep a written
          record of the 5 names and postal / e-mail addresses
          of the people from whom you purchase the 5 Reports.

2- Order all 5 Reports shown on the list below
    ( you can' t sell them if you don' t order them ).
    For each report, enclose:
              *  $20 U.S. Cash (checks and money-orders
                   are not acceptable)
               *  the name and number of the Report you are ordering
               *  your e-mail address
              *  your name and return address  (in case of a problem)
    and mail it all to the person whose name
    appears on the list under the Report.
    Make sure your return address is clearly printed
    on the envelope in case of any mailing problems.

    Send your orders by First Class Mail or Air Mail.
    Carefully conceal the cash by wrapping it
    in at least 2 sheets of paper.
    Make sure you order each of the 5 Reports.
    You will need all  5 so that you can save them
    on your computer and re-sell them.
    Within days you will receive - via e-mail - each of the 5 Reports.
     It might take 10-14 days for any Reports coming from overseas.

    As soon as you receive each  Report, save it on your
    computer along with safety copies ( just as you did this
    invitational letter ) so that the 5 will be accessible for you
    to send to the thousands of people who will order them from you.
    Working on your safety copy, be sure to remove any head or tail
    addresses or  greetings from the person who sold them to you.
    Insert your own greeting in its place. Keep it simple, e.g. :
    "Thanks for your order, contact me by e-mail
    if  I can be of any help. All the best, John Smith.

3- While you are waiting for the Reports to arrive by e-mail,
    prepare this invitational letter for bulk e-mailing.
    Work with one of your safety copies.
    It is vitally important that you do not alter the names
    of the people who are listed below each report, their addresses,
    or their sequence on the list, in any way other than instructed
    below in steps "a" through "h" or you could adversely affect
    everyone's profits -- including your own.
    Success in multi-level marketing has always come through repetition.
    If we all follow these instructions precisely we will all benefit:

     a) First, remove the name and address under Report # 5.
     b) Move the name and address under Report # 4 down to Report # 5.
     c) Move the name and address under Report # 3 down to Report # 4.
     d) Move the name and address under Report # 2 down to Report # 3.
     e) Move the name and address under Report # 1 down to Report # 2.
      f) Insert your name and address in the Report # 1 position.
     g) Double check that each name, address, and position is correct.
     h) Take the entire invitational letter, now edited to include your
         name, and save it on your computer (along with safety copies).


         REPORT # 1  " When  MLM  Meets  E-mail "

Order Report # 1 from:
Kevin Phillips
P.O. Box  2134
Bowral,  NSW

        REPORT # 2   "The Insider's Guide to Sending
                                 Bulk E-mail on the Internet"

Order Report # 2 from:
Betty Kasjan
P.O. Box  398
Bowral,  NSW

        REPORT # 3    "The Insider's Guide to
                           Free Advertising on the Internet"

Order Report # 3 from:
Tania McRae
P.O. Box  1770
Bowral,  NSW

        REPORT # 4      "Internet Secrets of the
                                     Net Profit Program :
                             Saved Time & Increased Profits"

Order Report # 4 from:
Tony Kasjan
P.O. Box  240
Bowral,  NSW

        REPORT  # 5      "The Net Profit Program --
                                Phase II : Recurring Income"

Order  Report # 5  from:
Peter Kasjan
P.O. Box  1511
Bowral,  NSW

Guidelines: * Treat this as your business.
                 * Make no changes to the invitational letter
                   whatsoever -- except for adjusting the 5 names /
                   addresses to include your own, as instructed above.
                 * Do nothing else until you have received and
                   completely understood all 5 Reports.
                 * Be prompt, professional, and
                   follow all directions accurately.
                 * Always provide same-day service
                   on the orders you receive.
                 * Be patient and persistent with this program and
                   you will not regret that you became involved.
                 * On the other hand, please do not become involved if :
                                * you are planning to behave dishonestly
                                * you cannot afford to lose $100 - $200
                                * you expect instant / overnight wealth

                                                     F.A.Q.'s :
                                 (Frequently asked questions)

Q:  Is The Net Profit Program legal ?
A:  Perfectly legal. As explained earlier, it involves legitimate
      Multi-Level Marketing principles in the sale and re-sale
      of  legitimate  products ( i.e. 5 Reports) and is not
      a  pyramid or chain letter scam.
      According to the U.S. Post Office (1-800-725-2161  24-hrs)
      and the U.S. Postal and Lottery Code ( Title 18, Section
      1302 and 1341) it is not illegal, although most people
      are convinced that it should be.
      After all,  most people run the rat race all their lives
      ( without winning ) -- and misery loves company.

Q:  What about bulk e-mailing -- is it legal ?
A:  Completely legal according to the new U.S. e-mail law
      ( Section 301, Paragraph ( a ) ( 2 ) (C) of s. 1618.)
      Unsolicited e-mail is not liked by some people,
      but that does not make it illegal.
      The truth of the matter is that mass e-mail is absolutely
      the most cost-effective way to advertise your business,
      when done responsibly.

Q:  The Net Profit Program is all about e-mail, obviously.
      Sure I use e-mail, but I have no experience with bulk
      e-mailing.  Is there any hope for a novice like me ?
A:   Plenty of hope -- confidence even !
      Report # 2 and Report # 4 clearly and simply expand
      on the details of do-it-yourself bulk e-mail versus using
      bulk e-mailing services.
      The Program strongly recommends the use of professional
      services, in general, and one company in particular.
      Simply e-mail this company your copy of the invitational letter
      (with your name and address in position # 1), let them know
      that you are with Net Profit and they will do all the bulk
      e-mailing for you at an already-negotiated discount price.
      They have a data base with over 25 million e-mail addresses,
      and they can easily keep a record of your mailings so that
      none are duplicated  when you re-order.
      When an order arrives with $20, you simply e-mail out
      the requested Report in seconds, by following the same
      Copy & Paste instructions that you used earlier to make
      safety copies of the invitational letter. Only now the
      Report is mailed out to the customer's e-mail address
      rather than your own.
      Any do-it-yourself super-technical types would have to
      research, choose and master their own software on
      their own because the Net Profit Program is not
      hi-tech at heart but, rather, geared for the Internet

Q:  What kind of prices are we talking about  for this bulk
      e-mailing service ( in U.S. dollars please) ?
A:  Untargeted / general e-mails:
           10,000  for  $40
           50,000  for  $70
         100,000  for  $130
         500,000  for  $300
      1,000,000  for  $450
      Targeted e-mails (e.g. "known business-opportunity-seekers")
       tend to cost ten times as much  ( i.e. 5,000 for $70).
      The Net Profit Program recommends using untargeted.

      You need to sit down and consider those figures
       -- with a calculator in your hand if need be.
      Each person who purchases a Report pays you $20.
      Bulk e-mail 50,000  invitations initially.
      Sell only 4 Reports -- that's only 1 buyer for each
      12,500 invitations --  and you' ve recouped your
      advertising costs.
      Sell 10 Reports -- 1 buyer for each 5,000 invitations --
      and you' ve recovered almost all your expenses.
      Or, better yet, plow all your returns back into advertising :
      Sell 4 Reports and bulk e-mail another 50,000 invitations.
      Sell 7 Reports and bulk e-mail another 100,000.
      Sell 15 Reports and finance another half million.
      Sell 23 Reports and finance a million.

Q:  Here you are advising us to send out millions of invitations,
      but doesn' t your recommended bulk e-mailing company  have
      only 25 million e-mail addresses on their data base ?
A:  We are emphasizing the need for persistent advertising.
      Most people will not keep investing their profits.
      Some will try to get away with sending out as few
      invitations as they can.
      But for those who want to make serious money,
      mass advertising has never been so affordable.
      As we said earlier : it's a numbers game and now,
      with the Internet, the numbers are totally at the
      disposal of any person who appreciates them.

      Sales experts have long expounded "The Power of  7" Principle :
      Sales figures skyrocket as a sales offer nears its 7th presentation.
      So, theoretically, those 25 million addresses would require
      175 million e-mailed invitations before that "campaign" could
      confidently  be scrapped.
      And then a different "Subject" heading could be used on the
      invitation -- many people on the Internet delete e-mails simply
      because they're not interested in the Subject.
      Create a new, clever Subject heading and you create the
      opportunity for another 175 million invitations.

      And then there is the power of time and circumstances :
      Many of the people who spurn your invitation today would
      embrace it in another 6 months if only they were asked again.
      So a success rate of, say, 1 sale for every  2,000  invitations,
      could well be repeated or even bettered in six months when
      the same 2,000 people are invited again.
      It's a numbers game.
      And bulk e-mail is the way to win.

Q:   Don't such repeated invitations make some people really cranky ?
A:  a) The first sentence of our letter invites people to delete.
          It only takes a second.
          Mail boxes have always been the target of promotional
          literature, at least with e-mail there is no wasted paper.
     b) Use the recommended bulk e-mail service  provider and
          you should not fall victim to any angry e-mail retaliation.
          Interested people mail you their orders -- because there is
          no trace of your e-mail address on your initial invitation.
          Only customers who have paid their $20 will see your
          e-mail address when you e-mail them their Report.

Q: How is The Net Profit Program any different than any of the
     other offers I have received via e-mail in the past, encouraging
     me to sell a series of money-making Articles or Reports ?
A:  First, it must be stressed that whether you were
     successful or unsuccessful with any other program
      -- you can still be successful with us.
      But we are different in a number of ways.
      The most common program offers 4 Reports costing $5 each.
      ( The number of Reports determines the number of  "levels"--
      this is, afterall, a Multi-Level Marketing opportunity.)
      And the $5, low-risk charge has traditionally been thought
      to appeal to the largest possible percentage of the population.
      The goal was always thought to be : find just 10 determined,
      active recruits who would each commit to finding 10 active
      recruits of their own  i.e. you find 10, those 10 find 100
      (only 10 each -- just like you did), the 100 find 1,000
      and the 1,000 find 10,000.
      4 completed levels under you, and you walked away
      with $50,000 ($55,550  to be exact).

      Such programs have been around for decades.
      Initially they were postal-based.
      Participants had to photocopy the invitational letter
      and mail hundreds off to long-lost friends and relatives.
      People made money, but postage and photcopy
      expenses ate up quite a high percentage of the profits.

      With the coming of the Internet, the popularity of such
      programs flourished : postage and photocopy charges
      were bypassed entirely with e-mail, and friends / relatives
      no longer needed  be approached as huge lists of e-mail
      addresses were now readily and cheaply available.

      But the opportunity afforded in an Internet Age was fumbled :
          * the concept of "4 Reports costing $5 each" was never improved
          * low-quality invitational letters filled with exclamation
            points and spelling mistakes proliferated
          * many people pocketed the $5 without ever
            forwarding the Reports
          * even when the Reports did arrive they were often
            more motivational than informative
          * and, finally, there was never any vision or framework
            for creating a recurring income.

      Compare and contrast The Net Profit Program :
       *  by increasing to "5 Reports costing $20 each" Net Profit has
            expanded the old 4-level opportunity to 5 levels, and
            multiplied the profit  potential 40 times
            ( $2,222,200  versus the old  $55,550 )
            while increasing the initial  investment by only  $80
             --  now $100 for 5 Reports, rather than $20 for 4.

       *  The following figures assume that each participant finds 10
             diligent recruits. Some people will find many more :
                       1st level  --  10 people  --  $200
                      2nd level  --  100 people  --  $2,000
                       3rd level  --  1,000 people  -- $20,000
                       4th level  --  10,000 people -- $200,000
                       5th level  --  100,000 people --  $2,000,000

      Please note that these dazzling figures did not appear on
      the first page of an invitational letter filled with  exclamation
      points and spelling mistakes.
      Congratulations for reading this far.
      The Net Profit Program is seeking seekers, analysts,
      and calculators -- not shooting stars out for a fast buck,
      quick to join, and quick to quit.
      We are after individuals who are willing to work the numbers.
      Hopefully by increasing the initial risk / investment from $20
      to $100 Net Profit will appeal to participants of higher
      initiative and commitment.
      Certainly the increase will produce higher profits, enabling
      larger bulk e-mailings to be financed even sooner.

      Clear communication will ensure our success :
       *   you must bulk e-mail repeatedly or you are wasting your time
       *   very simple bulk e-mail directions and discounts are supplied
       *   failure in prompt delivery of a purchased Report ?
           Report it via e-mail to any / all of the other 4 people on your
           list who have already supplied you with a Report (and their
           e-mail address).
           They will investigate, see that you receive the  missing
           Report promptly, and replace -- on their subsequent
           bulk e-mailings  --  any guilty party's name and
           address with that of someone more reliable.

         Phase II: Recurring Income
  *  Phase I of the Net Profit Program involves buying / selling
      the 5 Reports and enjoying a taste of the profit potential
      of Internet Multi-Level Marketing based on e-mail.
      Phase II involves re-applying those principles and joining
      forces again with successful Net Profit colleagues to
      sign up in bulk numbers with an already-established
      MLM company.

  *   Whereas the 5 Report opportunity can provide a recurring
       income for a limited time, there is a saturation point and
       a limited life expectancy when promoting any such one-
       time purchase.
       But a recurring monthly purchase of a highly-consumable
       product with mass appeal ( e.g. health / vitamin / nutrition
       enhancement) would ensure a recurring, monthly income.

  *   Facts & figures: for every $100 (U.S.) / month spent on an
      as-yet-undisclosed product, you  would  receive a monthly
      commission check for $1,100+ (U.S.). That's $1,000
      net profit after paying back your product and shipping

  *  This commission would be dependent upon you finding
      keen recruits to follow your lead and spread the word.
      But, as a previously-successful Net Profit participant,
      such colleagues could be quickly mined from :
      1- the thousands of other eager Net Profit participants
      who will also join Phase II
      2- the hundreds of thousands of bulk e-mailed
      invitations you will send out once the details are

      Once you' ve studied the details in Report # 5 you will
      need to ask yourself 3 questions :
      "How many thousands of dollars net profit would I like
      to make per month ?", "How many hundreds of dollars
      per month can I lay out to get started ?", and  "How
      many bulk e-mail invitations am I willing to send out
      in order to recruit the required number of self-motivated
      people into my downline organization ?"

Q:  Who started The Net Profit Program ?
A:  This is yet another way in which we are so different
      from the many 4 Report opportunities on the Internet.
      We will tell you the truth.
      Many are the opportunities out there which provide
      false names or no addresses for their authors.
      The Net Profit Program was launched in July 1999
      by Kevin Phillips in Bowral,  Australia --  75 miles
      outside of Sydney.
      ( P.O. Box  2134  Bowral, NSW 2576 AUSTRALIA )
      Kevin researched, attempted, and failed traditional
      MLM on a part-time basis for over 6 years.
      In 1999, the 7th year, Kevin's relatives
      offered financial and computer support for
      an Internet-based attempt.
      Little better than computer illiterate himself,
      Kevin refined a Program simple enough
      for the novice.
      From a small town in Australia, via the Internet
      and around the world, a global market is now
      being tapped.
      And that market is not for Reports or nutritional
      products, but for financial hope and opportunity.

      With 50 million consumers at your fingertips,
      there's almost no limit to how much you can
      earn  And you can begin right now simply by ordering
      those 5 Reports.

 PLEASE NOTE: If you need help with starting a business,
 registering a business name, learning how income tax is
 handled, etc., contact your local office of the Small Business
 Administration (a Federal Agency) at 1-800-827-5722 for free
 help and answers to questions.
 Also, the Internal Revenue Service offers free help via
 telephone and free seminars about business tax
 requirements.  The earnings amounts listed in this letter and in
 the 5 subsequent Reports are estimates only.
 Your earnings are highly dependant on your activities and
 advertising. This invitational letter and the 5 Reports
 constitute no guarantees stated nor implied.
 In the event that it is determined that this letter or the 5
 Reports constitute a guarantee of any kind, that guarantee
 is now void.  If you have any questions of the legality of this program,
 contact the Office of Associate Director for Marketing
 Practices,  Federal Trade Commission,
  Bureau of Consumer Protection in Washington, D.C.

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