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Re: Savers & Winamp plugins

> Does anybody know of any documentation about writing
> screensavers for linux ?

	Look into a program called XScreenSaver. I'm not totally sure how it
works, but it seems very versatile, and I think it will "screensaverize" any
program that just draws on the root window in X. There should be documentation
with the program. If you want console screensavers, I think you have to look
into setterm and have it run a program when screensaver time comes instead of
just blanking the screen 

	I'm not sure where xscreensaver is, but go to http://freshmeat.net and
do a search for it there

> And, is there a Winamp like player for X11, that will
> support a plugin scheme ?  If so, any docs about how
> they work ?

	XMMS (previously X11amp) is exactly what you're looking for. It's
basically Winamp for Linux, though it supports extra stuff like .mod files and
audio cd's and such. XMMS is at www.xmms.org, and I would assume any
documentation for it would be there too. Good luck!